Blue Crush

Release date: August 16, 2002
Director: John Stockwell
Writer: Susan Orlean, Lizzy Weiss
Cast: Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, Matthew Davis
Year: 2002
Runtime: 104 Minutes
Genre: Drama, Romance, Sport
Rating: PG-13
Role: Anne Marie Chadwick

Synopsis: As a hard-core surfer girl prepares for a big competition, she finds herself falling for a football player.





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  • Seriously, guys, don’t quit! We need to make rent.
  • Somebody got to go to college, and it isn’t going to be me.
  • Well, Drew, I dated you, I guess I can do anything.
  • What do I want? Oh my god, I want Penny to quit smoking and go to college. I want, I want to be able to pay the phone, electric and rent in the same month. I want a girl to be on the cover of Surf magazine. It would be great if that girl were me, but any girl would do. I want… I mean I wish my mom would come home, and I really, really want to win pipe masters tomorrow, that’s what I want.
  • Don’t worry, Penny. There’s still plenty of time to get pregnant and go on welfare.
  • Hey, hows the surf lookin’ out there?



  1. Kate Bosworth was briefly knocked unconscious while filming one of the surfing lesson scenes. Matthew Davis tried pushing his surfboard vertically underwater, it slipped out of his hands, launched into the air, and struck Kate on the top of her head. She was taken to a local hospital as a precaution but suffered no permanent injury.
  2. Michelle Rodriguez did all her own jet ski stunts, including towing Kate Bosworth’s stunt double out to the biggest waves.
  3. Anne Marie’s last name “Chadwick” is a nod to the Elvis Presley 1961 movie Blue Hawaii. Where his characters first name is Chadwick.
  4. Former surfing world champion Tom Carroll appears early in the film as a surfer with a cut eye. According to producer Brian Grazer, this is a real injury – Carroll had wiped out on the reef just seconds earlier – and it made the three cast members (Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake) nervous about going in the water. The footage was shot for a surf video Carroll was part of and Grazer used it in the film, presumably because it added to the characters’ anxiety at entering the surf and validated how dangerous it was.
  5. Early in the film, Anne Marie refers to the surf conditions as “double overhead.” The means that the waves are roughly twice as high as an average person.
  6. Eden tries to explain Penny how Earth turns by referencing Superman (1978). Kate Bosworth would later star as Lois Lane in Superman Returns (2006).
  7. The rainbow behind Kate Bosworth at the end of the competition was real. It was almost edited out because it was too cheesy, but since Hawaii really does have frequent rainbows it was left for authenticity.
  8. For the big competition scene, a male pro surfer was used, complete with wig, bikini and shaved legs. But in the final edit, he was digitally replaced with Kate Bosworth, with only his feet remaining in the film.
  9. In an early scene, Anne Marie is brushing her teeth, looking in the mirror. Her eyes are natural: one hazel, one blue. During the surf competition, her eyes are both hazel. On the movie poster, her eyes are blue.
  10. During the competition, Anne Marie removes the leash from her leg when is under the water so she can surface. Later, after the third wave hits, we can see her rolling under water with the yellow leash attached to her.
  11. When Anne Marie goes to the hotel party in the black dress, she arrives without a handbag. However when she goes to the washroom to check the wave reports on her phone she has a black handbag.
  12. When Anne Marie goes to lecture Leslie on the beach about the condom, the wastebasket she holds changes arms between shots.
  13. When Anne Marie goes to drop Matt off at his hotel, she tells the valet that she’s just dropping him off and yet in the very next shot, her car window is rolled up.
  14. When the girls arrive on the first morning to surf, Anne Marie takes off her shirt while talking to Drew. Her shirt reappears briefly in a shot from behind, and is gone again in the next frontal shot.
  15. When Anne Marie is telling the girls about her time with Matt, the first time after the group surfing lesson, all of the girls are sitting on the bed barefoot. In the next shot, two of them are wearing flip-flops.
  16. When Anne Marie came back from Matt’s hotel room she picks up some dishes from the table. She then walks away from the camera. When she is shown walking towards the camera, she is not holding dishes.
  17. During the final competition, when Anne Marie starts paddling out to the waves, her hair is pulled back into a ponytail. During the next few shots it switches from all down, to pulled back.
  18. When Anne Marie comes out of the water after surfing her last wave at the end of the film, her shirt is wet. Yet when she is hugging all of her friends, her shirt is dry.
  19. When Anne Marie is at the local spot with the football player and they get in a fight with the local surfers, Ann-Marie yells at her old boyfriend, Drew to stop. But she calls him Chris.


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