The Newcomers

Director: James Allen Bradley
Writer: Tony Jiti Gill, Garrett Clancy
Cast: Christopher McCoy, Matt McCoy, Chris Evans
Year: 2000
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Genre: Drama, Family
Rating: G
Role: Courtney Docherty

Synopsis: A young boy and his family decide to leave the big city and start life over in a new town. But things are not always easy, as twelve-year-old Sam finds out.





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  • “Alright squirt, I’ll be in the library if you need me.”
  • “Rocco’s a jerk.”
  • “We can’t move. I’m in high school. [..] I’m not going anywhere.”
  • “Mom I can’t go anywhere, I painted my toenails.”
  • “That is so far away. I’m not walking 20 minutes.”
  • “Look on the bright side Sam.. egg has a lot of protein. They are good for your hair.” -smirk-
  • “Wow, a regular neurosurgeon. I guess it’s hard not to notice when someone moves into a hick town that has a population of 5.”
  • “I’ve got eyes. I can show myself around, thank you.”
  • “Maybe I need to get out of Reba before she blows up.” -laughs-



  1. This is the first film for actor Chris Evans.
  2. Chris has his first on-screen kiss with Kate.


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