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Photos/Video: Little Big Town: “Sugar Coat” Screencaps

Photos/Video: Little Big Town: “Sugar Coat” Screencaps

Kate is in the new music video Sugar Coat by Little Big Town. Check out the awesome (and sad) video below and see screencaps in our gallery. Enjoy!


Press/Photos/Video: Kate Bosworth Stars In Emile Hirsch’s Music Video For ‘Love Is Real’

Press/Photos/Video: Kate Bosworth Stars In Emile Hirsch’s Music Video For ‘Love Is Real’

Emile Hirsch has released new music and Kate Bosworth is starring in the video.

“‘Love Is Real’ is a celebration of love,” Hirsch said in a statement.“Love triumphing over the cynicism of a modern age where it feels sidelined and diminished, but it hasn’t; How opening your heart and experiencing real love can make someone who has been lost feel whole again.”

He added, “When they hear this song, I hope people are moved and inspired to dance and live their lives to the fullest. Sometimes we all need reminding that Love Is Real.”

The video was directed by Bosworth’s hubby Michael Plish and filmed in Puerto Rico.

In the autumn, Hirsch will be releasing a full-length album MNEMONIC.


Video: ‘The I-Land’ Teaser

You were chosen for a reason. Paradise awaits. Netflix’s thrilling new limited series, The I-Land, arrives September 12.

Press/Video: Kate Bosworth Talks Collaborating With Husband Michael Polish On ‘Nona’

Kate Bosworth teams up with husband and filmmaker Michael Polish for their self-financed film Nona, short for No Name, which tells the story of a girl from Honduras who meets a charming boy who promises her safety in America, only to be led into the world of sex trafficking.

The actress sat down with The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss the film’s heavy subject matter and why it was important to tell this story.

“So much of the reason that we wanted to make this movie was to inform how this happens and why it happens, because so often we get the result,” she said.

“Like this massage parlor was busted and that’s the result. Or this sex house was busted and that’s the result. There’s these girls and that is the thing that you hear about but so often, it’s not explained how does this happen and why does someone decide to do it, or how does this person end up in this situation.”

Bosworth, who executive produced the film, also spoke on self-financing the project in order to have Polish’s vision come through on screen.

“So much of this has to do with why we self-financed it. First of all, the subject matter is a tough sell. Period. It’s heavy,” she explained. “The fact that [Polish] was adamant about it being in Spanish because he said that if there’s a young girl in San Pedro Sula, Honduras with very little education, she’s not going to be fluently speaking English at that point in her life.”

She continued: “And he wanted to cast an unknown Latino girl. All these things were elements where people were like, ‘But could you cast so-and-so.’ And Michael was, ‘Well, I really want her to be faceless and nameless, because it’s the point of the movie. No Name. You don’t know her name, you don’t know her face, and then ultimately by the end, you do.’ That’s sort of the whole point of the movie. So, there were things people wanted from us in order to green light it and he was pretty adamant about the authenticity of it.”

The actress has worked on previous films with Polish, including 90 Minutes in Heaven, Big Sur and Amnesiac. Speaking on him, she told THR, “I think being a part of this movie and knowing Michael, and knowing his work is just knowing you will not fail when you work with him. He won’t let you. It’s such an amazing, immersive, creative experience.”

Watch the video above to hear Bosworth also discuss the film’s stars, worrying about Polish’s safety in Honduras and more.

Press/Video: Kate Bosworth’s movie ‘Nona’ sheds light on human trafficking via MSNBC

Actress & Executive Producer Kate Bosworth joins Ali Velshi to discuss her movie “Nona,” that follows the journey of a young Honduran woman who becomes a victim of human trafficking after being promised a better life in America.

Spotlight Project: The Newcomers

Spotlight Project: The Newcomers

I’ve added our new spotlight project to the site: The Newcomers.

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Press/Photos/Video: Kate promotes ‘Nona’ in NYC

Press/Photos/Video: Kate promotes ‘Nona’ in NYC

Kate is in New York today doing loads of promotion for the film Nona. Check out interviews she did today with Kelly and Ryan and Access, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Build Series. She also did interviews with Sirius XM, Good Day America Day and SAG-AFTRA Conversations. I’ll add those videos when they surface. Be sure to tune into the Late Night with Seth Meyers where she will be a guest tonight.

I’ve added a bunch of photos from all her appearances today to the gallery under Nona‘s promotions. She looks so lovely! Big thanks to my friend Mary for a bunch of these. More photos to come. Enjoy.