Website Name: Kate Bosworth Files
Former Website Names: Kate Bosworth Fan and Kate Bosworth Online
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Established: Summer 2000-2007 and now re-launched in July 2018.
Maintained and founded by: Girl Jay
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Website: My Story

I can tell you the moment I became a Kate Bosworth fan. It was the summer of 2000 and I tuned in to watch the Coca Cola summer series Young Americans. I was a really young girl myself and I was glued onto the tv all summer when the show was on. Looking back it was only 8 episodes as the series was short lived, but that summer it was the weekly topic of conversation between my cousin and I. Our hearts broke for Bella and Scout, we cheered on Wil and his endeavors, and we giggled mischievously at all the stolen moments between “Jake” and Hamilton. I became a huge fan of this cast and followed them in their careers from Ian on Lost and The Vampire Diaries to Katherine on The L Word.. but the actress that just always held a special place in my fangirling heart was Kate. I loved her as Bella and was excited to see what was in store for this lovely and talented actress. I became a super fan quickly and made my very first fansite in 2000 dedicated to Kate. The site was called Kate Bosworth Fan back then and I had no idea what I was doing! haha.

Later on the site was renamed to Kate Bosworth Online. I enjoyed the site so much and hoped that someday Kate would stumble across it on the web and think, hey, this is really cool. I can’t tell you if she ever did or not as social media was not a big thing back then. In 2007 I had to step away from the fansite world and my site was merged with another Kate site, Kate Bosworth Web. I was happy to see my hard work would not go to waste. Sadly, a few years ago The Fansites Network that hosted most fansites closed down and it seems the site was lost forever. I never stopped being a Kate fan. Even without a fansite I followed her career and would still find myself nostalgic over the days of Young Americans and when I had my fansite. Recently I was hit with the nostalgia bug and the idea to rebuild my Kate fansite from scratch became an actuality.

So here we are.. as you can see I am not a new fan of Kate’s. My friends joke and call me The Original Bosworthian hehe. I hope you all love my new fansite. I am slowly rebuilding it and adding new things to it. The fansite focuses on Kate’s career (film, television, modeling, and any other tasks she tackles). You will not find candids of her outtings with her husband or family or even with former ex’s going on vacation. This is not that kind of fansite. This fansite is to show support of Kate and will not be invasive of her privacy. Thank you so much for visiting..
and Kate if you ever do see this, thank you for visiting and I really do hope you like my fansite. xx
– Girl Jay

Kate Bosworth Files is an unofficial fan site dedicated to the talented actress Kate Bosworth. We have a growing gallery with original screen captures, magazine scans, event pictures and more, we offer media downloads, detailed information and the latest news on Kate and her career… with hopefully many more features to come! We strive to bring you an informative, often updated, and fun fansite without being intrusive of Kate’s personal life.

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial fan site dedicated to actor Kate Bosworth. We do not know Kate nor are we authorized by her, her family, or her representatives. This site was created to promote awareness and interest about Kate’s career. All images, articles, videos, etc. are copyright to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is ever intended. Content on this site is used under the Fair Use Copyright Law Section 107. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like certain content or images removed. The webmaster does not claim ownership to anything found on this site. This is a 100% non-profit website made by a fan for fans. Please don’t send me any e-mails to Kate because she won’t receive them. They will only be deleted. Thanks.

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